When you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious or sad, sometimes the hardest step is picking up the phone to call someone you don’t know. But once you take that first step, you are on your way to gaining more control over your life.


Therapy involves talking with a trained professional about conditions ranging from depression, gender dysphoria, psychological trauma, ADHD, anxiety to relationship conflicts and career frustrations.

Therapy provides ways for you to, in a safe and constructive setting, express your feelings, understand patterns of thinking, gain perspective on past events and current relationships, set goals, and clarify your dreams for the future.

The categories of services provided include:

Therapy for Individuals: The goal with individuals is to identify and resolve problems with insight, as well as build on strengths.

Play Therapy for Children: The purpose of play therapy is help children cope with difficult feelings and behaviors.  Children express their feelings best through play instead of talking.  Working with parents helps them gain insight into their child's behavior, mood, and fears.

Therapy for Adolescents: The goal of therapy with an adolescent is to help a teenager learn to express his/her needs and wants in a productive way amidst a life-period of significant change.